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Entertaining thousands of rowdy gold miners in the heart of the Klondike gold rush throughout the years was the task of the singers, dancers and musicians who came and went with little fanfare.

This was not the reaction that the Australian singer, Beatrice Lorne, would receive in Dawson City. Because of her voice she was known as the Nightingale of the Klondike. Beatrice had a lengthy and well respected career performing in the gold rush city for years. She was a singer with a beautiful voice and her audiences loved her for her true talent.

This series of newly recorded songs have been selected from those that were popular from 1897 through 1904. Beatrice gave her final concert appearance in Dawson City in 1906 and this received news coverage in the local  newspaper. After her departure  from the Klondike  there is little known of her subsequent music career.

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